Gazela appeared in 1984 and was introduced to the market as “Gazela, a pedigree Vinho Verde”, seeking to reinforce values of freshness and lightness, especially the care taken in producing it and the heritage of its origins. Gazela’s rise has been gradual, but steady and sustained, based on product quality and assertive communication, relying on the brand values, with the aim of recruiting new and young consumers. Retaining the brand’s timeless values – freshness, lightness, attractiveness and versatility – now re-styled into a contemporary and young brand, stylish, modern and original, the strong aesthetic component of Gazela’s new presentation contains design elements that are hard to miss. The “Gazela goes well with life” concept is still going strong, further underlined by the way the brand is becoming an integral part of those every day great occasions that make us smile, believe and dream.

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