The history of Mateus Rosé goes back to 1942, when Fernando Van Zeller Guedes created and launched a highly distinctive concept – a wine with a strong personality and unique flavour, presented in an original and innovative bottle. These aspects, when combined, became strong brand attributes and quickly making Mateus a wine known and appreciated worldwide. A powerful brand was born. Inside the iconic bottle was something different: a new, rosé-coloured , fresh, slightly sparkling and very versatile wine. The company plumped for a short, flask-shaped bottle, inspired by the hip-flasks used by soldiers in the First World War. This was a shape that stood out from the crowd of tall bottles. The label, unusually elegant and innovative for the period, created a visual link between the product and the land from which it came. But the real secret of Mateus Rosé lies in the winemaking care dedicated to its production! Produced exclusively from red grapes, the vinification process relies on techniques identical to those used in white wine production. The wine obtains its distinctive pink colour, while maintaining a soft and fruity style, by avoiding prolonged contact between the grape juice and its skin. Mateus Rosé is a global brand, recognised and loved in the farthest corners of the world, appealing to different tastes and cultures.

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